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I’m not going to say much except that I would like to think that I’m just a basis guy with good values and expect the same from a partner. I love nature and travel. I’m an engineer with some hobbies I enjoy in my spare time.

Email me if you’re interested in getting to know me further.

Dauro’s WriteLoveforGuys Profile after Consultation

Unusual combo, I know, but I’m an engineer with a creative side; I paint abstract to unwind and attend the odd opening of up and coming artists. I just completed an extended contract abroad and now that I’m back home to stay, my focus is on love.

I come from a big Italian family and have strong values. My mama taught me how to cook and I’d love to whip up my specialties with a woman over vino, good music (my favorite cooking CD is the soundtrack from The Big Night) and some great conversation.

I’m a foreign flick buff and attend film festivals whenever I can. I speak Italian and learned Spanish in Basque country on an extended summer vacation. I enjoy going out for dinner to ethnic restaurants as well as a good chophouse now and then.

I’m an urbanite and love downtown living but I have a deep appreciation for nature. A visit to the mountains on the weekends for biking, hiking and canoeing on quiet lakes regenerates me.

I’m interested in a long-term relationship; my parents are still in love after 43 years and family is important to me. I’m waiting for a woman with a sense of adventure and an open heart. If you’re a good sous chef or want to co-create a new repertoire, drop me a line.

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